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Most European countries, which has changed their health policies because of the recent global crisis, are omitting odontotherapy of their own citizens from insurance coverage. Especially if they get expensive dental prosthesis and dental implants in their country, the government and their private insurances do not cover the prosthesis and implant costs.

The patient must pay the cost of this implant and prosthesis themselves.

If patients have these prosthesis made in Turkey within the scope of health tourism, they shall be able to buy this service by paying almost one quarter of the price in their country.

Treatment Steps

We can examine and create a dental plan, if you send us your panoramic x-ray or general pictures on our Whatsapp number +90 533 030 39 53 and inform you about the cost of the treatment. After having your approval, appointment date shall be mutually determined for the beginning of your dental treatment. If you have your such treatments as fillings, periodontal treatment, tooth extractions and x-rays in your country, you may cut the treatment period.

Treatment period of dental prosthesis lasts approximately one week. ( If it needs to extract a tooth, it would be better that you may have your tooth extracted in your own country one and a half month beforehand). For the implant treatment, implants are installed in the first appointment. Approximately three or four months later, implant superstructures are completed in the next appointment.

How can I contact the clinic?

You can ask your questions and get information from our contact form.

You may ask questions get informed through contact form, WhatsApp +90 533 030 3935

The main causes of health tourism:

1. Lack or absence of high technology health services and professional human resources in the country,

2. The desire to have a holiday with treatment, 3. Health services are expensive in their own countries,

4. Requesting a higher quality health service,

5. Knowing the surgery in their own country for any reason, not being asked (aesthetic surgery, infertility treatment, etc.)

6. Tourism mobility in the country, where there are limited opportunities for climate and geographical holidays : -mild Mediterranian, -forests, plateaus, sea, also travel to countries with -historical and cultural richness, mostly a holiday in a country where there are - thermal facilities and thermal tourism facilities are abundant,

7. The emergence of the desire of chronic patients, the elderly and the disabled to go to the other settings and to be treated there,

8. The desire of people with drugs and different addictions to be in different or more appropriate environments,

9. The person's wish to hold on to life and maintain the healthy one.


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