3D Jaw and Dental Tomography


What is a Jaw CT scan/Tomography?

The basic working principle of 3D jaw and dental CT scan/tomography is to show the internal structure and circumference of an object in multiple projections.In other words, it examines the lower & upper jaw relation with teeth, briefly the relationship between jaw-tooth-head bones and soft tissue profile.In our clinic, it is used a Sirona Brand -3D Dental Volumetric CT scan/Tomography.Thanks to 3D CT scan/tomography, the treatment program for the patient is created with the most accurate treatment planning having a minimum radiation.

In which situations is 3D jaw and dental CT scan/tomography applied?

With this CT scan/tomography, we can do a more detailed examination. In the treatment of implant, the structure of the jaw bones is scanned by 3D CT scan/ tomography to be evaluated in cases where the relationship between the position in the bone of the 20 teeth embedded in the mouth and the anatomical regions (the distance to the sinus cavities in the upper jaw and the distance to the nerve-vascular pack in the lower jaw) should be evaluated in three dimensions.

Thanks to this, we can carry out the necessary controls after treatment.3D CT scan/tomography is very helpful in the treatment planning of the cysts and other pathologies seen in the jaws.With the detailed images obtained, all borders of the cysts can be determined in detail and the cysts can be completely removed from the region. Thus, the dental implants are placed in the right place and the best results are achieved both aesthetically and functionally.

Is there a high level of radiation in 3D jaw and dental CT scan/tomography? Does it cause harm?
Jaw CT Scan/Tomography

There is a slight difference between the radiation dose of the normal panoramic film (big film where both jaws are imaged) and the radiation dose given by the 3D jaw and dental CT scan/tomography where only the lower or upper jaw is imaged.

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How to Use the Image ?

  • The areas that cannot be displayed in single tooth film or all teeth film can be imaged.
  • The detailed diagnosis can be made on the sections determined thanks to the image taken.
  • The high resolution data can be collected for implant planning and surgical guide preparation.
  • The pre-treatment planning such as soft tissue detection, bone density measurement, distance to nerve measurement can be made.
  • The detections such as the impacted teeth, cracks, abnormal number of channels, cyst spread detections can be made.
  • The detailed studies on bone density, sinuses and joints can be performed.

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