General Care

What is general dental care?

The total oral hygiene care in Perla Oral and Dental Health Policlinic is a treatment in which all mouth-related procedures such as the oral hygiene training, fluoride application, tongue cleaning are performed together.

What applications does total care include?

Before starting the process, some applications are made. For example, the lip area is moistened so that it does not dry out during the procedures.First, the dental calculus is cleaned with a routine ultrasonic cleaner.By using air-flow tooth cleaning powder, the inter-teeth and discolorations are cleaned.

  • After these procedures, the tooth surfaces are polished with a special paste and a brush.
  • The tongue surface with a large accumulation of bacteria is carefully cleaned.
  • For both control and training purposes, dental floss is applied to all teeth.
  • As a final treatment, enamel is strengthened by the application of fluorine gel and the patient is taught how to perform the care.

How long does it take for all transactions?

This process takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes.However, a second session may be applied in cases where the accumulation of calculus is high and especially when it is necessary to work under the gum.After all treatments, the patient is called for a control session.

At what time intervals should I have it done?

The plaque accumulation and calculus formation vary according to the habits of the teeth, saliva content, brushing and feeding habits. This care should be carried out as deemed necessary at 6-month physician controls.

Does it eliminate the bleeding and bad breath?

Unless it is related to a systemic disease, with general care, it is possible to completely eliminate bleeding and bad breath caused by gum problems.

Why and how is tongue cleaning done?

The tongue is the perfect surface for bacterial deposition.In general, it is a place neglected to be cleaned by people.In the clinic, the tongue is brushed during 15 seconds with our special brushes by a low speed rotation movement.This results in a serious bacterial cleansing.It does not cause a feeling of discomfort in the patients; on the contrary, it creates awareness about the cleaning of this area.

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