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The dynamic, friendly and experienced team at Perla private polyclinic of oral and dental health, continues to provide dental treatment increasingly from 1996 on wards to give you a perfect smile.

Perla, the Lara branch, located at Lara Street, the Fener branch and the in Antalya, serves with its highly experienced staff and first class equipped clinics, at all branches. Perla, the private oral and dental health polyclinic, uses high advanced technology in the field of 'oral and dental' health.

What are we doing ? 

Dental-Implant applications, smile design, jaw-joint disorders, dental caries and gum diseases, tooth whitening with laser, zirconium tooth coating, dental filling, canal treatment, orthodontics. Private Perla Oral and Dental Health Polyclinics, which provide treatment with devices that follow the latest technology in many subjects. Dentists also performs dental treatment of children and disabled patients who are afraid of dentists under general anesthesia.

Children and disabled patients, who are afraid of dentist, can also have their dental treatment under general anaesthetic. We have in all our clinics in total, 15 dental experts and 32 staff, 22 treatment rooms, panoramic x-ray rooms, children waiting and play area, sterilisation room and also our Laboratory based in the Lara branch, giving a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment for you.

Perla Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic. In accordance with the sterilization and disinfection regulations, experienced personnel, disposable quality materials and autoclave devices are provided in an environment.

At Perla private oral and dental health polyclinics, we aim to give the best dental health service, with highly experienced staff, single use quality material and autoclave devices, according to 'sterilisation and disinfection' legislation. At Perla we have treated so far as many as fourty thousand native and five thousand international patients. We aim to provide permanent solutions, to all age groups, with all kind of oral, teeth and jaw problems.

Private Perla Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic Central Branch is open 6 days until 23:00 except Sunday for our patients who cannot come during the day. You can reach our staff consisting of specialist physicians from our polyclinics to make an appointment and for all your questions about your oral and dental health.

We contact you via phone or sms about your appointment time.We would like to remind you, how important early diagnosis is, for your oral and dental health and also not to forget to go to for a dental check up twice a year.

Antalya Dentists

Our physicians who have been in the Perla team for many years.

Maxillofacial Surgeon Onur Ademhan
Exp. Dr. Onur Ademhan

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

Exp. Dr. İbrahim Alkan

Prosthesis Specialist

Ortodontist Eldar Aydınlı
Exp. Dr. Eldar Aydınlı

Orthodontic Specialist

Dt. Arda Ertürk

Aesthetic Dentist


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