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Orthodontic treatment; although it is known only as a treatment method for the correction of implied teeth, the role of the orthodontist is important in many disorders such as skeletal irregularities and anomalies, cleft lip and palate in infants and sleep apnea (OSAS) in adults.

Our services include laminate coatings, zirconium supported porcelain, full porcelain coatings (Empress), dental calculus cleaning, root canal treatment.

Why do orthodontic problems occur and how are they treated?

In disorders such as lower jaw forward or backward than normal, the treatment method is decided according to the age of the patient. If the patient is in adolescence and the lower and upper jaw structure is left backward, the treatment is possible with orthodontic techniques.If the patient is an adult, the treatment of the skeletal disorders is carried out in collaboration with orthodontics and surgery.Due to functional disorders, for example in cases such as mouth breathing, the jaw mismatch may be observed.In a person breathing by mouth, the upper part of the jaw will be in the form of V, as it will remain narrow.

The habitual situations that should not be done such as having used bottle and pacifier for a long time, sucking fingers, eating nails, may cause orthodontic disorders.These habits should be treated as early as possible.

Preventing these habits at an early age is important for the completion of skeletal development. Some conditions such as an extremely large tongue in terms of structure, extracted tooth cavities may also cause teeth spacing.

If the jaw structure to which the teeth are held is small and the teeth are large, the teeth will not fit into the jaw and there will be perplexity. Early or late loss of primary teeth can also result in the formation of perplexed teeth.

Instead of premature milk teeth falling from the mouth, the permanent tooth in the mouth shifts into this cavity. The teeth that need to come out right from this place cannot find space for itself so the perplexity occurs.

Is orthodontic treatment very necessary?
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Orthodontic treatment is not only concerned with aesthetic concerns, it is aimed to prevent gum diseases that may be encountered in the future, to prevent problems in the jaw joint, to provide chewing functionality and to overcome the problem of the patients with speech disorders.

According to the present orthodontic problem in the mouth, the treatment methods can be determined by mobile appliances, functional appliances and fixed appliances.

The simple orthodontic problems that are not in the advanced stage can be solved with rubber movable apparatus that the patient can use by removing and inserting.

After the end of the priority orthondotic treatment, it is of great importance that the reinforcement treatments are not neglected to prevent regression and deterioration. The different passive devices can be used for this period. The orthodontics works in continuous cooperation with other sub-branches of dentistry.

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