Antalya Sports Medicine, The most important occupational injuries experienced by the athletes are injuries to the jaw and face.

Fractures of the jaw bones and teeth are very common in facial injuries.In our clinic, the treatment of injuries resulting in fractures of the jaw bones is performed by our specialists.The broken bones are supported by special plaques and bone integrity is restored.In addition, broken or damaged teeth are also treated by various methods.

Antalya Sports Medicine

Special apparatuses are available to protect the mouth and teeth from impacts.The plaques, commonly known as teethers, are highly effective in protecting teeth against impacts.In Perla Oral and Dental Health Clinic,unlike the standard plates, uniquely designed plates are produced.

It is possible to prepare these plates in a few hours on the same day by using cad-cam technology in our laboratory which was established with superior technological devices.

Antalya is one of the regions where sports organizations are frequently held.Many sports clubs from all over the world prefer Antalya as a camping site.

Sports Medicine Department Diagnostic Treatment Services.

In sports Medicine departments;

Pre-season examinations are performed for athletes of all ages and sports branches.If necessary, after the examination of the physician concerned, the opinions of the other physicians are taken and the examinations are planned,

  • The performance tests of athletes are performed according to different sports branches.
  • VO2max
  • Anaerobic threshold
  • Isokinetic strength tests for all joints.
  • Motion analysis
  • Evaluation of walking and running.
  • Planning of non-surgical treatment of injured athlete, if necessary,his/her consultation in the necessary departments for surgical treatment, his/her rehabilitation after surgery and ensuring that the athlete returns to the sports activities.
  • Planning the non-surgical treatment in cooperation with the physiotherapist and ensuring that the athlete returns to the competitions.
  • The field tests suitable for the branches of athletes,identifying the injury susceptibility using the high-speed camera and motion analysis systems.
  • To help athletes with ergogenic support, their consultation with sports nutritionists, providing their nutritional profiles, developing the proper eating habits and supplementing them with necessary ergogenic supports.
  • To increase the performance of athletes,their evaluation with sports scientists, coaches and sports biomechanics experts and provide the necessary support.
  • Seamless adaptation of exercises as part of the treatment of patients (with coronary artery disease, sugar, high blood pressure, obesity, etc ..) with chronic health problems.

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