Dentistry in Pregnancy, Just as when planning the pregnancy, some tests have been taken and the body is preparing for pregnancy, in the same way, the necessary treatment should be applied to the dentist.

The pre-pregnancy dental care is very important to protect your own health and the health of your baby.Before pregnancy, after a detailed examination, if necessary we make our determinations by X-ray and prepare our patient for pregnancy with an ideal oral hygiene. We detect existing gingival diseases and caries and treat all teeth that are thought to cause problems during pregnancy. We recommend the extraction of possible 20-year-old teeth.In this period, what is done and what should not be done will be told to our patients in detail and if deemed necessary, we carry out what we call preventive and protective medicine such as dental calculus cleaning, fissure covering applications.

What are the best months for dental treatment during pregnancy? Why?

The most appropriate period is the second quarterfor the removal of tooth extraction, fillings, root canal treatments and many other treatments that are not suitable to be postponed until the end of pregnancy.Because the organs of the baby are formed in the first three months of pregnancy.During this period, a bacterium formed in the mouth may negatively affect the organ development of the baby and unnecessary interventions may cause miscarriage.In the third quarter, the baby has grown considerably in the womb and the time of birth is approaching.

The mother cannot sit comfortably in the chair and excessive stress can cause premature birth.Just like in the first quarter, the dentist does not intervene except for emergency treatment.

Is there any harm to having a dental X-ray during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, 1 to 2 X-ray films can be taken orally if necessary for treatment. Although the amount of radiation given to the X-rays in dentistry is very small and also not very close to the abdomen, the lead aprons should be used to prevent the developing baby from receiving radiation.However, X-rays should be avoided within the first three months of pregnancy.

Can anesthesia be used for dental treatment during pregnancy?

Anesthesia is applied with special anesthetic solutions, pain is prevented and all kinds of treatments can be performed.

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