It is a procedure of removing the cyst or infection on the root of tooth along with 1/3 of lower section of the root of tooth.

If there is an abscess in root of teeth, pulling the tooth is not the only option. First root canal operation is implemented. If it is not enough, there is also a chance of applying apicoectomy.

Apicoectomy is a treatment with direct intervention to root of tooth from outside in persistent root abscess.

A little window is opened in the section where the root of tooth and abscess is located and the abscess is cleaned. The tooth is left to recover.

The treatment of Apicoectomy can be decided if root canal treatment is not enough, or in situations where traditional methods will not work in canal treatment, or for the purpose of biopsy.

There are some requirements for apicoectomy. If the infection at the root of the tooth is originating from root broken root, apicoectomy will not be of use. If the root of tooth indicates similarity to anatomical formations, apicoectomy will be troublesome.

How to Apply?
Before the operation it will be useful for the patients to rinse their mouth with an antiseptic mouthwash. It will be very helpful in accelerating epithelizing, if the patient starts to use mouthwash with chlorhexidine 1 day before the operation.

If the patient uses painkiller before the operation, it will help to cause less pain to patient after operation.

Tooth to which apicectomy will be applied is anesthetized with local anesthesia. Tooth will be anesthetized just as a classic filling and tooth extraction procedure.

Bone surface is opened from the start area of tooth and gingiva or only from the tip of root section due to the size of lesion on the root and level of destruction of tooth root, and infectious area at the tip of the root is cleaned. A cut will be applied on some section of root of the tooth in respect of eliminating the bacteria here completely.

If the adjacent teeth are affected due to the lesion on the root tip, this means root canal treatment must be implemented to these teeth and apicoectomy needs to be applied on an area that will cover adjacent teeth.

After the infected area is cleaned and the root of the tooth is filled, the lifted gingiva is stitched back. If the suturing isappliedthroughstitches which do not resorb on their own, they will be removed after 7 days.

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